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Power Steering Pump Or Hydroboost

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I developed a wine the other day , i have mushy brakes and really wines when pressed ,also does not turn well until idle is picked up ,but still has a wine , just wondering is the pump bad or hydroboost? Is it curable by flushing with synthetic atf ? I do have a extra pump i got for 40.00 , but if i can fix it without id be much happier , iv read about fluid in the hydroboost , can this be cleaned out somehow? thanx
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Let me share my history with you all..
2004, F350, 35" tires,30K miles 2nd owner.
Stopped on dry pavement there is no way the wheels are turning L/R. High RPM or not. Garage floor or the dealership's painted shop floor no problem. Multiple dealers told me this is normal and is made even more noticable by larger tires and dual stabilizers. Of course "I needed ball joints etc." I replaced the entire front steering linkage, ball joints tie rods the works. Same problem. Went to a diesel repair shop and was told they could not duplicate the problem, (in their painted shop floor), but they did see a bit of metalic in the fluid and the hydroboost had a leak. I could see the leak so $1500 later with a new pump and hydroboost, if I am not rolling the wheels still will not turn, feel like I am about to rip the steering wheel off. Finally spoke to a friend of a friend and his '04 has the exact same problem and he was told by the dealership in his state that it is what it is and larger tires are not recommended.
Does anyone else have this problem?
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