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Power Steering Pump Or Hydroboost

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I developed a wine the other day , i have mushy brakes and really wines when pressed ,also does not turn well until idle is picked up ,but still has a wine , just wondering is the pump bad or hydroboost? Is it curable by flushing with synthetic atf ? I do have a extra pump i got for 40.00 , but if i can fix it without id be much happier , iv read about fluid in the hydroboost , can this be cleaned out somehow? thanx
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Looking for input

With the truck parked, engine running, when you press on the brake pedal does it make a grinding noise and have a pulstaion that can be felt through the pedal?
You described my symptoms to a "T". I had a brief episode that lasted a minute three weeks ago that went away. It returned this morning coming into work. I will tear into it tomorrow. Reading the posts hear it sounds like it might be the hydroboost. There is plenty of power steering fluid. I had the water pump replaced after it seized up a month ago. I stopped it before it had a chance to overheat. Any thoughts on it would be appreciated.

I need to set up the signature still but the truck is a late 99 F350 7.3L Diesel "Centurion" otherwise stock with just the radiator hose mod. and a K&N filter. 130,000 miles with normal maint./rear ABS censor/CPS replaced (several times).
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