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Power Steering Pump Or Hydroboost

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I developed a wine the other day , i have mushy brakes and really wines when pressed ,also does not turn well until idle is picked up ,but still has a wine , just wondering is the pump bad or hydroboost? Is it curable by flushing with synthetic atf ? I do have a extra pump i got for 40.00 , but if i can fix it without id be much happier , iv read about fluid in the hydroboost , can this be cleaned out somehow? thanx
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i have the same problem. when turning it whines when steeping on the brakes it whines. the pedal is stiff with engine off as it should be but very slowly goes down with very hard pressure applied to it. as it whines when i get to the bottom of the pedal stroke it pulses. the master cyliner and hydroboost unit were out of the truck on a bench for quite some time. no leaks in brake system. i bled the **** out of it numerous time still has the same problems. new ps pump but still whines. abs maybe not bleeding properly (no air came out of any lines)? this is a nightmare. does anyone know where to get a chiltons manual on a 2001 f350 powerstroke not the crappy haynes.
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