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Power Steering Pump Or Hydroboost

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I developed a wine the other day , i have mushy brakes and really wines when pressed ,also does not turn well until idle is picked up ,but still has a wine , just wondering is the pump bad or hydroboost? Is it curable by flushing with synthetic atf ? I do have a extra pump i got for 40.00 , but if i can fix it without id be much happier , iv read about fluid in the hydroboost , can this be cleaned out somehow? thanx
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I'm bringing this back to life.....

My truck has the exact same problem. As for the question Gofasterdammit asked....Yes except my noise isn't a grind, it's a whine. I've been reading all the power steering pump topics trying to gain knowledge and figure out what avenue to take. It seems to be all over the place though; from ball joints, flushing, gear box, bigger pump, stock pump, ram assist, nothing just deal with it, ect.... I don't have tons of money to dump into the problem. I'm hoping I can get it fixed the first time. Yes my truck is on 35's and has 100K miles on it now. It has gradually gotten worse over the last year.
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