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Power Stop Calipers

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I am going to be doing brakes on our Excursion and wondering if anyone has used the Power Stop S4790 calipers?

I am putting Ford rotors and Ford Severe Duty pads.

The power stop calipers can be bought for $126 from amazon for the 2 calipers versus Ford at about $90 per caliper with a core deposit.

Anyway I have searched on here for 2 days and have only read about Hawk LTS and pads.

Would like opinions on the power stop or am i better sticking with Ford Calipers?

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Ford holds a tight spec on the people that are rebuilding the calipers sold as Motorcraft. Your not going to be able to get brand new calipers for a 2001 so If it was me I would get the Motorcrafts.

The problem you always have with rebuilt calipers is were the rubber components moulded to the exact sizes, were the rubber compound exactly the same as OE or was a generic version used, how well did the company clean the dust boot and seal grooves in the caliper body, and how well were the phenolic pistons made, as in the resin used and the cure of the parts. In the last half dozen years on the forums were seen a higher rate of rebuilt calipers' pistons hanging up, which I suspect may be a swell and growth issue with the phenolic pistons more then excessive diameter when machined.

The other thing I would recommend, and you can only economically do this over the counter, is to look at the caliper your buying and see how rust pitted it looks. While a company can clean all the oxide off the surfaces, a caliper that has seen a high share of road deicers will have deep pits, and while those pits on the exterior do not have much effect, typically they are also present within the dust boot groove, and deep pitting there will not allow the new boots to seal as well, allowing more moisture to enter under the boot.
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You could also check pricing at RockAuto and always find 5% discount codes.
All of us do maintenance items at intervals so we can drive the distances and locations without worry. Some based on well established routines that are fact based, others where we feel comfortable that we will not have to worry. And when we can do it at a more advantageous time.

I know my belt can last 150-200k, but I replace it every 100k at home so when I'm traveling I don't have to worry I'll have an issue that requires higher costs and delays. At 200k I just replaced my power steering pump. It was fine but since both steering and braking rely on it, I'd rather pay the $100 at home in my driveway rather then a shop hundreds of miles from my home when I pull a trailer. Rotors I replace every 100k due to the rust blockage within the cooling vanes from winter driving with our road deciding chemicals.

On my wife's Lincoln LS I replaced every palstic part of the cooling system as that is when everyone starts to see the thermostat housings and other parts start to crack. On tear down you could see cracks starting to propagate. I certainly don't want her an hour away calling me she has a breakdown.

As long as it's not a financial burden you should do whatever you want to do to feel comfortable in your travels.
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