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Power Stop Calipers

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I am going to be doing brakes on our Excursion and wondering if anyone has used the Power Stop S4790 calipers?

I am putting Ford rotors and Ford Severe Duty pads.

The power stop calipers can be bought for $126 from amazon for the 2 calipers versus Ford at about $90 per caliper with a core deposit.

Anyway I have searched on here for 2 days and have only read about Hawk LTS and pads.

Would like opinions on the power stop or am i better sticking with Ford Calipers?

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Ok back to my Original post, I should have brought it back on topic and not tried to explain the "why" or "whats wrong with existing". As that was never what I was asking.

Does anyone have any Experience with PowerStop calipers?

I had never asked for a "why" am I doing this.

PowerStop calipers are they any good? Any experience with them?

When questions are presented to a general forum full of guys who like to take things apart and figure out how they work or how to make them better, then its very optimistic to think you can keep the helpful responses to a very narrow track.

You might have an easier time herding cats...but good luck :winking:
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