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Power Stop Calipers

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I am going to be doing brakes on our Excursion and wondering if anyone has used the Power Stop S4790 calipers?

I am putting Ford rotors and Ford Severe Duty pads.

The power stop calipers can be bought for $126 from amazon for the 2 calipers versus Ford at about $90 per caliper with a core deposit.

Anyway I have searched on here for 2 days and have only read about Hawk LTS and pads.

Would like opinions on the power stop or am i better sticking with Ford Calipers?

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What's wrong with the original calipers?
The originals are long gone, about a year ago or so I did one side...
OK Let me rephrase...

What's wrong with the CURRENT calipers?
About a year ago, one of the front calipers went bad...ever since then it has pulled hard to the left.
This is like pulling teeth... WHICH one?
A mechanic told me that calipers should be replaced in pairs.
Probably not a Ford mechanic because Ford does NOT make that recommendation. Ford says to only replace damaged/failed/worn-out & maintenance parts. Calipers are NOT among the parts Ford recommends replacing as a set.
Since we are pushing 200K on the vehicle I am just going to replace "everything" in the front brakes ...
Replacing "everything in the front brakes" is NOT on the maintenance schedule for a reason: it's not necessary, or good practice. By that logic, you should replace everything on the TRUCK (IOW: the whole truck) every few years. If you have that kind of money, that's fine. If not, don't do it now - even if you limit yourself to the front brakes. It's still a waste of money to throw away working usable brake parts. And you're liable to introduce new problems with those new unnecessary parts.
I am also going to grease the slide pins on the rear brakes also.
You should clean and lubricate EVERYTHING in the entire brake system; that means all 4 wheels, and the pedal linkages (including the e-brake).

. .

For the pedals, use a flowable grease, like a chain lube. Then read the owner's manual & catch up on all the other recommended maintenance.
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Front left caliper was replaced...
So the one you replaced is the one that's working (braking, pulling). The one you didn't isn't working as well, so that side of the truck keeps going forward when you brake. Before you spend any money on parts, and without paying a shop for labor or diagnosis, TRY just cleaning & lubricating the Right side. If it works, then you don't need to buy any parts until something is worn out (but you can buy/replace anything you like since you'll know where the problem was). If it DOESN'T fix the pull, you'll know the problem is elsewhere.
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