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Powerforce Chip Problem. Upgrade?

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I've been having problems with the truck shutting down just running down the road. Then it would not want to start. Eventually would start, but wouldn't run more than about 10 miles without dying. Gauges go nuts when it happens.

We put a Snap-On scanner on it and the scanner read no trouble codes. Just showed it was like the key had been turned off.

Got to looking and found a Powerforce Computer Chip on it that I had not known existed...truck was bought a couple years ago with 120k miles on it from a widow of the original owner and it now has 150k on it. The back of this chip says Superchips CARB E.O. #D-330-4.

Yanked the chip and the truck appears to be running just fine. I'm thinking maybe the chip went bad.

Anybody have any experience with these things? Were they good, bad, what? Do they go bad? What's the best replacement? Truck is 2000 F-350 and I do tow with it some. It had decent power with the chip, but the fuel mileage sucked.

Any help or insight is appreciated.

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Thanks for the response. So replace with tuner or chip? I'm thinking chip since I don't really have a need to switch from one program to another. As long as I had a mild tune that gave me some more juice like the one I had did, but maybe also offered some better fuel mileage would be fine.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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