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Premium Oil Guard Oil Filters

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Anybody ever heard of these? And are they any good? Thanks for all the help.
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Let me introduce you guys to the Fleetguard LF3974 with Stratapore media... Stratapore is a multi layered synthetic media that filters large particles in the top layer, medium size particles in middle layer, and down to around 25 Micron particles in the innermost bottom layer. The multi layering allows large flowrates with great filtration. Fleetguards are considered a PREMIUM filter in the heavy duty engine industry and they are the "shiznit"! You can find them at or most heavy duty truck dealerships. Usually cost $13-16


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25 microns? That seems large. I have common automotive type filters that I pump oil out of barrels with that filters down to 10 microns. I use FL1995 Motocraft filters on my PSD. Don't know what micron level they filter to, does anyone? 106
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1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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