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Priced DORA

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What is a priced DORA?
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this is quoted from SmokeyWren in this thread

Only very "in the know" buyers know enough to even know a DORA exists. Normally, the DORA is a communication between the "factory" and the dealer, and is not intended to be provided to the customer.

But some of us darned "internet buyers" know that a priced DORA is a very useful document for the buyer. DORA = dealer order receipt acknowledgement, and contains the option codes of the vehicle ordered, plus the MSRP and dealer's invoice prices of every option.

Informed buyers order the truck based on "X dollars over invoice" prices, and with the understanding that the dealerperson will order a priced DORA (order code C09) and make a copy of the priced DORA and give it to the buyer the next business day after the order is processed. Then you should check the DORA to be sure there were no errors in the order. Plus that locks in your price, so you already know how much to arrange to borrow or how big a check to write from your wife's trust fund. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

If you ordered a 2004, then you can't receive a priced DORA until prices are announced in July. But you should receive an unpriced DORA now and the priced one later. If you ordered a 2003, then your dealer already has a DORA for your order - but unpriced unless they ordered code C09.

If you are late to the party and just now heard of a document called a DORA, then be straight with your dealerperson and beg and plead for a copy. If it wasn't part of your original agreement to order the vehicle, then they may give you some static. And if your deal wasn't for "X dollars over invoice" then they may refuse to give you a copy of a priced DORA.
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