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problems with stuck glow plugs

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I just bought a 1993 F250 with the 7.3. My friend who I bought it off of told me that the glow plugs needed to be replaced. My mechanic friend (owed me money) told me that the glow plugs were easy to do and that I could do them myself.

Long story short, I tried to do the plugs myself and got 7 done without any troubles. The number 5 plug however decided to snap flush with the engine. I found last night that the element had managed to fall down into the engine. I have 3 mechanical opinions in front of me on what to do. Which would you guys feel is the best way to go?

1) Remove stuck plug, insert new and pray for the best - can do this myself or with mechanic buddy.

2) Remove exhaust port? and attempt to fish the element out through there. - can do this with mechanic friend.

3) Remove head and go looking for element. - Mechanic says $2,000+. Spent $4,500 on the truck and only worked it one day. Truck isn't worth $6,500.+

Thank you all for your help.
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YOUCH,$2000 plus?That Friend is really trying to rip you a new one.I am paying around $1200 bucks to have 2 engines pulled,head gaskets replaced along with head studs installed(I supplied the parts but gaskets only cost about $175 for top end work),having all the sensors and turbo changed from teh 7.3L to the 6.9L,and having one engine put back in.Pretty much what you are having done shouldn't be more than $500 since being only one head you can get away with a cherry picker and pulling the head off with the engine in the truck.
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