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A quick update on the Ford-Diesel.Com Products we now have available for sale. Orders haven't been coming in as well as expected, I assume mostly since we don't have pictures yet. I verified the proofs today for the license plate frames, receiver covers, and ink pens (every order gets one free pen) and ordered several dozen hats last week. Jamie Contouris is working on getting me samples of the t-shirts and another member is working on the sticker design. We hope to have photos of everything up within the next couple of weeks.

We would also like to welcome Geno's Garage as a new advertiser on Ford-Diesel.Com. They have many products available for Ford diesels .. many that I haven't seen anywhere else. Check out what they have to offer and let them know you appreciate them supporting the website. They have sent several accessories for review on our 2000 Project Truck in the near future.

Diesel Injection Service has extended their advertising with Ford-Diesel.Com for one full year. They also have a couple of targeted ad campaigns in line for the future when they introduce new products. Diesel Injection Service will also be donating some VERY nice prizes for our raffle next year. On top of all that, they've sent gauges and several other accessories for review on our 2000 Project Truck.

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