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Hey guys,
I am new to this so hopefully I get all the information right and explain just what I am facing with accuracy. I have had my 2002 F-250 for about six years now. About two weeks ago I decided to program key Fobs. I do not have original key fobs as this is a used truck. There is a "Anti-theft" light on the dash (not blinking at all) and I have tried programming these Fobs with no success. When I go into program mode and then push a button either of the key fobs there is not a recycling of the automatic door locks. The only thing that I have notice is that after all is said and done and I shut the door with the timed lights still on and I click the Fob that the lights go out for a moment; Then after just a short time they come back on. Any help out there on this problem?
I have read through Internet forums until I can probably recite it all in my sleep. Lol!

Thanks, Brian
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