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Do you have a part # and maybe a picture of the install?

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Did the Mod. Advice: Don't over complicate this.
It keeps excess oil residue from building up in rubber connection boots.
It does NOT seem to drip any liquid oil where tube/hose exits. (IE: don't waste your time or money with "catch cans"...)
It DOES pump a visible smelly gas out so end the hose somewhere it will not rise up into cab or open window (my biggest mistake was to just route the hose just to rear of drivers door. It does not get in cab even when window is open BUT it seems to be a problem at drive up windows! Just need to reroute to passenger side).
Yes, It IS a problem if you have low spots where water or I guess even oil might build up so either keep the length very short or at least be aware of this issue if you are running to some rear of vehicle spot. I imagine if you use a larger diameter (say 1.5 inch PVC) at a downward angle from front to rear and just stick the rubber hose you have connected to the doghouse/valve cover outlet into that on the front side, you would not have any blockage issues. But who knows, Maybe a mouse makes a home in there!
This is an EASY Mod. (I did it & that means it aint hard) LOL.
Most people reverse the direction of the little (doghouse) on the valve cover
so it faces the rear. IIRC there will be some round gaskets that you will (probably) need to replace. I recall just getting an assortment of larger size o-ring type that I used as replacements. Seemed the originals were (fussy) about going back on properly. Just my experience.
I just used regular rubber auto heater hose IIRC. Nothing special. It does NOT seem to be disintegrating or degrading. (3 plus years now).
So all you need to consider is ...
Don't end hose where smelly gas exiting will be an issue.
Don't have long hose runs with potential low blockage spots.
Consider if inspections are an issue.
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