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Puking Question 2

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Took my truck in sig to dealer today because of puking. Interestingly it did not do it today and we are about 20 degrees cooler today than when it was doing it; about 78 degrees today. Could it possibly just be the degass bottle cap that needs replacing? Dealer is going to pressure test the cooling system, but was trying to stay one step ahead of them.
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Your dealer should follow the steps outlined in TSB 06-21-02 "Coolant Degas Bottle Overflow"... and he should not stop even though he has, perhaps, found one concern. This TSB should be followed to it's completion.

During the process, the cooling system, the EGR and oil coolers and the head gaskets are all checked.

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Thanks Grampy Jim, I'll make sure to follow up with them on the TSB.
Update. Picked up my truck yesterday, they did do the test you suggested Grampy. They found the de-gasse bottle had a rough top and a small crack. I suspect they cracked the bottle when they were replacing the power steering hose that developed a leak last week. Anyhow, new degasse bottle and I drove it home in 95F temp and no loss of coolant at all. Glad it wasn't the head gaskets!! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
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