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pulley squeak

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At idle, from outside the vehicle, I sometimes think I'm hearing a noise like a squeaking idler pulley from my 6.0. It's tough to be sure because of all the diesel racket.

Is there an idler pulley or two that are known to be short-lived on six-liters?

Is the 6.0 an engine that "just makes that noise," similar to the Chevy 350 whistle?

5 years, 58,000 miles. Original accessory drive belts.
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these trucks always do this. i have had all pullyes replace and it comes back. i have noticed the trucks with the 20' wheels do it more. the power steering pumps start to go bad frome turning the biggers size tires. they replaced mine one the problems went away. but two years later same thing so its going back in for work. dont use belt dressing it makes it worse. use some chalk it will go away for a couple of weeks. when it gets wet it will come back. oh yeah you can change your belt but it will come back.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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