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pulley squeak

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At idle, from outside the vehicle, I sometimes think I'm hearing a noise like a squeaking idler pulley from my 6.0. It's tough to be sure because of all the diesel racket.

Is there an idler pulley or two that are known to be short-lived on six-liters?

Is the 6.0 an engine that "just makes that noise," similar to the Chevy 350 whistle?

5 years, 58,000 miles. Original accessory drive belts.
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Old thread, yes. but same problem. I have a squeak but it comes and goes. Some times soft I can only hear it when I walk in front of the truck sometimes I can hear it in the cab. I replaced the belt about 3k miles ago but problem still shows up. It shows up more when it is wet/damp outside. Truck sitting still or driving.
2004 Excursion 6.0L 2wd.
Any ideas on which pulley is most likely the culprit? the tensioner seems to have good tension.
Thanks in advance!
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