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pulley squeak

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At idle, from outside the vehicle, I sometimes think I'm hearing a noise like a squeaking idler pulley from my 6.0. It's tough to be sure because of all the diesel racket.

Is there an idler pulley or two that are known to be short-lived on six-liters?

Is the 6.0 an engine that "just makes that noise," similar to the Chevy 350 whistle?

5 years, 58,000 miles. Original accessory drive belts.
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My 04 just started this. I have 44,000 miles on mine. I started it the other day and quick went in the house and I heard it. It went away when it was warm. I thought that maybe I heard it because I was on the outside of the truck. The next day when I started it I could hear it in the inside of the truck. Now today I did not hear it at all. My dad's 01 ranger does the same thing.
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