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Pulling motor vs. Drag motor

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Was wondering what the differences (if any) between the two are. Take for granted this would be all-out competetion. And I'm talking about engine related only, not tranny, suspension, etc...
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My only consideration would be rotating assy weight, for a drag motor you want to be able to build rpm quickly and accelerate. Pullers leave the line and are at max rpm the whole time, so the added inertia of a heavier rotating assy or flywheel will benefit them by giving them a little more distance before the sled can slow them down...think of the big farm tractors and their huge flywheels - that is for inertia.

Also durability over power to a certain extent - Wider seat widths to displace those high egt's on pull motors, narrower seat widths make more power but do not transfer heat from the valve to the seat as well.
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