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Question about coolant pressure

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Does anybody know if it is normal for the coolant resivior to still have some pressure when you unscrew the cap after the truck has not been used overnight. when I remove the cap it lets some pressure out after the truck is cold over night. The truck does not lose any coolant and does not puke any. It only puked coolant once about a year ago and the level is now an inch below full cold and has stayed there for a year. Coolant is clean in the resivior also.
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Thanks AutoJim , I was hopeing you would answer my question. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/biggrin.gif
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There does'nt seem to be any significant pressure when I open the cap , just a little whisp or gasp of air. I was wondering if that was normal or if the cap was bad etc. It seems its normal according to both your answers. I'll check it next time I don't use the truck for a day, whenever that may be. It rarely gets a day off. Thanks again
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