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This is my first diesel so basically I know nothing about them.
I've been reading here about this computer reflash thing.
Is it something I need done or what ?
My truck is an 04 but the tag on the passenger side valve cover says it was built in March of 2003.
Is this right ?
Is something wrong with this engine ?
Also.....I notice when I floor it from a dead hesitates for a couple of seconds, maybe less, before it starts going. What causes this and can it be fixed ?
Once I'm rolling and floor it, it goes instantly.
I'm just wondering about all this stuff.........I registered here yesterday and have been pretty busy trying to catch up on everything.
If I read the answers to these questions has blended in with all the other info. LOL
Also....these are the mods I'm considering, in order.
Magnaflow 4" turbo back exhaust.
Eithe Edge w/Attitude or Diablo programmer w/Guages added at the same time.
Some type of intake..........still researching that one.
That sound pretty close ?
Thanks for the help.

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First of all, welcome to the site. Lots of information here and lots of Diesel Guru's. These guys know there stuff.

Second, if you are not having any problems, you do not need to have yours flashed. Depending on when you actually bought yours, it may have been flashed already.

Basically, you have an 04 built truck with the 03 motor. Don't get too stressed though, there are alot less problem motors than motors with no problems.

Turbo's have lag, but I had more lag when my truck was flashed in July/August. When I put the DPPI exhaust on, it helped the turbo spool up quicker and got rid of alot of it.

All in all, enjoy your truck, mods your considering sound good, everyone here likes them. Bottom line, be very careful about when you take it in for service. If you are not having any problems, make sure it is written on the sheet "NOT TO FLASH MY TRUCK UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES".

Enjoy it, I think you will like it. Hope it helps.

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