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Question about PCM flash...

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I am thinking that I might break down and let the new flash get done to my truck. This being the inductive heating flash for the injectors. One question is this will the pcm flash for the injectors include all previous running changes? The one I am really after is the trans logic change that pertains to the TSB 07-6-9 6.0L DIESEL ENGINE - BUCK/JERK WHEN PULLING LARGE/HEAVY GOOSE NECK TRAILER and want ot make sure if I step up and have the latest flash done it will actually do what I want it to do. Secondly, my dealer knows I have a Edge Platinum, I know they know, they have done warranty work in the past with it hooked up but never a flash. Do I need to unhook it just for the purpose of the flash or will the Edge even make a difference? I wouldn't think so but just want to be sure. Thanks all.
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Thanks for the replies. The inductive heating for the FICM is actually not the motivating factor to update. I don't think that part is a negative side affect though. The real reason is for the buck/jerk when pulling a large fifthwheel. Mine will buck something fierce at some points mostly when in fourth gear TC locked. It is a fairly early '04 and I am under the impression I still have the more agressive tow/haul and have accepted the fact that might change. If it cures the buck, it will be worth it for sure. As for the Edge will it cause problems with the flash by being hooked up? I don't plan on completely removing it if I need to, just unplug and let it sit there. Like I said, my dealer already knows I have it. Also, since the labor is cheaper than the $100 deductible, warranty will not even be involved.
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