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I currently have an early 99 F-350 with a standard transmission. My PCM failed while I was on vacation a few weeks ago and the mechanic I took it to swapped it out with a PCM from an 01' with an transmission. automatic

The truck appears to run as it should with the new PCM, but it is throwing a bunch of codes for an automatic transmission as well the manifold air intake heater, which e99's don't have.

I am trying to run some diagnostic tests with ForScan and these codes are preventing the tests from completing.

Will a TS 6 Position Chip with tunes for a standard transmission mask the fact that my PCM is originally programmed for an automatic transmission? If so, does the model I order depend on the year of my truck or the PCM?

I know that getting my PCM reflashed is probably the best approach, but at $150-$170 the TS chip doesn't cost that much more than getting it re-flashed.


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