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If the owners of 02 7,3 with dual factory alternators would be so kind to verify the following for me it would be much appreciatedm it might take a quick look under the hood and tracing a harness or two

1) Does the top drivers side alternator heavy gauge charge wire go to the drivers side battery as is shown in the factory wiring shop manual ? and the pasewnger side lower alternator charge wire goto to the passnger side battery ? This is different than the single alternator install where the charge wire routes through the engine balley to the passenger side battery

2) The passenger side lower alternator 2 wire plug, does it plug in to a 8 pin connector that is on the passenger side fender just behind the passenger side battery ? If not where is it routed ?

3) The drivers side upper alternator 2 wire plugm does it just become part of the main underhood harness or does it plug into the 8 pin plug on the drivers side fender well just below / beside the relay boxes on the drivers side fender ? If the alternator plug wiring becomes part of the main harness, is the shorting plug plugged into the 8 pin plug on the driver side inner fneder and if so is the short loop wire in place ?

I would appreciate the time anyone takes to check closely and verify these wiring runs and connections

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