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Questions about changing Trans Fluid & Filters

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I had my transmission fluid changed at 35k at Ford and at that time they changed the internal filter and external inline filter. Now I have 76k on my truck and I am going to be changing the trans fluid again. I plan on following the steps in the FAQ and I don't plan on changing the internal filter. My question is do I need to replace the external inline filter? If so, can I get them some where besides Ford? Does anyone have a part number for the filter if I get it elsewhere?

One more question, can someone explain the benefits of Synthetic trans fluid over dino? I don't tow anything and my trans temps never gets over 190, so is it worth it for me to use Syn. Fluid? Does it help performance wise?

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Stock 4R100 trannies did not come with an external filter. I installed a Magnefine filter pre-coolers to catch debris that would clog/accumulate in the coolers and possibly take out later transmissions. The external filter is mandated by Ford post-cooler on rebuilt trannies for this reason, to catch debris coming from the coolers so it doesn't take out the tranny. It is a $20 part that saves them the cost of replacing the OTA and OTW coolers which are pricey. If you want to replace them cheaper than Ford, you can purchase them directly from the distributor here or from site sponsors like DI etc.

Synthetic ATF is probably only of modest importance to you because you do not stress the tranny much with towing/heavy loads etc.
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