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Questions about changing Trans Fluid & Filters

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I had my transmission fluid changed at 35k at Ford and at that time they changed the internal filter and external inline filter. Now I have 76k on my truck and I am going to be changing the trans fluid again. I plan on following the steps in the FAQ and I don't plan on changing the internal filter. My question is do I need to replace the external inline filter? If so, can I get them some where besides Ford? Does anyone have a part number for the filter if I get it elsewhere?

One more question, can someone explain the benefits of Synthetic trans fluid over dino? I don't tow anything and my trans temps never gets over 190, so is it worth it for me to use Syn. Fluid? Does it help performance wise?

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I only tow the TT in my sig 3-5 thousand miles per year. I switched to synthetic fluid and saw no difference. Next oil change I am going back to dino. Dino fluids have come a long way even in the last 10-15 years. Unless you tow the majority of the time or see temps above 200 on a reg basis I don't believe there is much if any benefit to using the synthetic, except it will make your wallet lighter. On the filters, I would change both of them. I don't care what Ford says, you should drop your pan anyway to look for debri and clean the bottom of the pan, so why not change the filter?
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