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Quick Fill/Anti-Drain check valve stuck/how to remove?

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I was trying to remove the check ball with some small picks, and now it's stuck in the front cover side passage. It spins frely but I cant seem to get it out. I've tried using compressed air on the standup pipe but still no luck. It way to do this, besides removing the front cover?

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Can you see the ball? Here's how we get "foreign objects" out of kids ears sometimes - clean the surface of the foreign body. We use alcohol or acetone, but brake cleaner would work for you. Make sure and let it dry. Put a drop of gel superglue on the wood end of a cotton tip applicator (a long wood stem q-tip) and gently hold against the ball - hold it still and count to 100 real slow. Gently pull the object out. This is especially exciting on a hyperactive two year old, so you should have no problem doing it on a 7.3

Pulling the cover isn't a desirable method - the engine has to come out of the truck to do this because the oil pan has to come off to get the oil pickup tube off.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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