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quick flash question

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i am taking my truck in to the dealership on monday to have the door handle and lock assembly replaced (good for nuthin' theif with a screwdriver) so while its there i am thinking about having the latest flash done (if its not already been done) but before i do so i have a few questions.

1. first of all I have an Oasis report but i do not see where it has ever been flashed before, only shows the work on the reverse planetary assembly in the trans and the recalls for the harness protector (05S34) and the "EPS Sensor and recalibrate" (05E15). All of this was done on 5-1-06. Am i missing something?

2. My truck starts and runs perfectly but since i have only had it since April I do not know what it will do in the winter. should i leave well enough alone or get the "heat induction flash" if available"

3. Is there a flash number to ask the Service manager about so that i know we are talking about the same thing?

I would also point out that i know I do not have the "buzz flash" i am always reading about as there is no buzzing at shut down so could it be that it is as it is the day it was purchased by the first owner.

Thanks and sorry so long
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05E15 would include a reflash (calibration) to whatever the latest available flash was on May 1st, 2006. If you went in to have 05E15 performed today... you would get the latest flash available today.....

When it comes to recalibration files, we have no choices... no options.... no "menu"....

ALL current 6.0 recalibrations will have the inductive heating strategy as part of the bundle. All subsequent 6.0 recalibrations will have this strategy up until the engineers feel they may have a better way of doing it.

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The Inductive heat flash was not available in 2006, so if that was the date of your last flash, no, you do not have inductive heating. I had it done to my truck and it wasn't showing any signs of a problem. It still runs great.

good luck,

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Take care
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