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Quiet @ 40mph??? .. (another noob question)

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Ok.. so when coming off the interstate and coasting.. the motor is QUIET until it dips under 40mph.. is it cutting fuel? or just lowering the pressure in the rails? I have heard rumor that there is some sort of "whisper" mode that can be had at idle to keep the noise down.

I ask because I have remote start and a short drive to work.. I would love to be able to let it sit in the driveway and warm up before driving, but I am trying to be considerate of my neighbors (and dont want to piss em off @ 6am with a clackety-clackety PSD for 15mins).

I am sure there is someone here that knows what I am talking about.

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Admittedly I am addicted to my remote start too. 15 minutes is just wasting fuel, but I sure like it running for a few moments before I hop in the cab.
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