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R & D on Performance heads & Intake

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hey guys,

Just wanted to let all you IDI owners know that I will be working on some Performance IDI Heads and Intake manifolds and some Exhaust Manifolds. I will be working with two gentlmen that have been in drag racing and performance moding for over 25 years. Our goal is to provide Peformance products to the IDI diesel folks to fulfill there diesel bug needs.

First of just wanted to get anybodies input on pricing and what types of products you want. Our first goal will be performance heads. They will be fully ported & Polished with a 3 angle valve job and some other Tricks to help get more air.

Also will be working on some High Flow Intake & Exhaust Manifolds. Looking into modified stocks & possibly New CNC machined parts but modified stocks are our goal to help keep costs down to you guys.

We are located in washington and may need some people to help us do some R & D and testing of our products on there trucks.

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The head porting is the easy stuff but... The exhaust logs are really nasty especially on the drivers side of the motor. If you look at both manifolds you will see they feed up or down and the passenger side is the best of the two. There isn't much you can do with them and the psd manifolds wont fit the idi motor. I tried that already. The intake side of the heads are tuff trying to do a complete port job on them. Its just too tight of a turn but you will find this out . I have done several port jobs on these heads and prefer using the new offshore castings. They are build heavier where they need to be.. Plus they are clean.... On the exhaust side clean out the valve stem bump in the floor will increase your flow plenty. These heads can move some air but remember they are just big air pumps. Getting 10 lbs of boost on the intake valve before it breaks open is important and having clean flowing ports in and out will do lots of good for the flow. A mirror finish isn'y really needed but it sure looks nice. Thats what I finish mine at.


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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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