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Radiator waranty? 06 F350 Tow Boss

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Fan shroud has poked a pinhole leak in the back of the radiator. The design is either flawed or when it was worked on by Ford, they didn't fasten something correctly that allowed the shroud to bang on the back of the radiator and cause the leak. Please tell me this would be covered under the warranty! It has 49k on it and is just under three years old, so is it still covered under the initial warranty: 3 year/50k miles right? Sorry for the length and thanks for the help!
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Thanks for the response! I do not know where I got 50k, for some reason that is what I had in my head. This is my first diesel, so I am diesel stupid, but learning quickly. This forum has been awesome for helping a newbie like me. I greatly appreciate the help! Ordered a new one and I guess I have some work to do. For the record, the truck has been awesome! Only minor problems and the Tow Boss pulls like mad!!!
This sucks!

After pulling the radiator and seeing the design, what a let down! Almost as if it was deigned to ket go right after the 36k warranty ends. The very bottom of the fan shroud is cracked where the two sides meet in the middle. The shroud is about 4 inches wide yet only held together with 1/4" with a slit down the rest. So what has happened is that the 1/4" section has cracked and that allowed it to tap on the back of the radiator core and thus caused a leak! Seems like a very weak design so heads up anyone with an 6.0, check it out before it causes problems. Sorry for the length, I needed to vent! Thanks again jerseydiver for the responses!
I feel a Little better!

Ok, for anyone who read my last post, don't look for the poor design, just look for a crack in the bottom of the fan shroud. Upon further inspection in the daytime, it cracked in such a straight line, with an almost perfect sliver missing to make it look as though it was designed that way. I am relieved to know it wasn't designed weak, but a little frustrating to have it poke a tiny hole in such a huge radiator! I do not want a weak link patch to worry about so I had to replace it for peace of mind. Thanks again!
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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