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2000 f-350
6speed 2 wheel drive

ABS light comes on if i am in 6th gear at about 2500 rpm's in the 75-80 mile per hour range. stays on until i shut off truck upon restart it is off until i get to said speed.

checked ABS Rear sensor there was some metal shavings on it not alot. wiped off ohm'd it out it was good. checked wires good. then i was at the ford dealer today so i bought one anyway it was only $20 bucks still does it.

Rear end from the factory was a 3.73 but has been changed to a 4.10, i asked parts ass if gear ratio maters he says no. Code in the ABS system was stored and it was something like rear ABS sensor confused, can't remeber exact words.

Anybody have any ideas?
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