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Rear differential

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2011 f350. Rear differential is hot smell gear oil
No seals leaking axle tubes are cool but rear differential is to hot to touch. Any suggestions
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Ummm… How many miles? How often was oil changed? What has it service ( duty) life been?
Who last serviced it?
Pop it open, drain into clean pain and see what is going on.
Do you know for a fact that the oil you drained out was the correct oil?
Lucas what? Gear lube additive?
You said gears looked good. Was the wear pattern on the ring gear teeth, proper?
Did you measure or feel the backlash between the ring gear and pinion? Have you tried to rotate the pinion flange some to feel for how free it is?
Have you looked up the correct spec for oil in your differential and if it needs a friction modifier ? Adding additives to differentials that have friction locking devices ( I do not know that you do), is not a good idea unless it is the friction modifier called for by the manufacturer.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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