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Rear differential

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2011 f350. Rear differential is hot smell gear oil
No seals leaking axle tubes are cool but rear differential is to hot to touch. Any suggestions
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Ummm… How many miles? How often was oil changed? What has it service ( duty) life been?
Who last serviced it?
Pop it open, drain into clean pain and see what is going on.
135k miles. I recently popped the cover off because of the excessive heat looks great no metal cleaned it up and replaced gear oil checked vent and it was not clogged. Truck has a utility bed and my daily driver
Do you know for a fact that the oil you drained out was the correct oil?
No. But I’ve been driving the truck for 2 years with no problem when i replace tje oil i used lucas thinking it might help. Do you think maybe pinion bearing going bad?
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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