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Rear End Leak

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I have a rear end leak. 1999.5 F350 Dually. I know its the front seal it is coming out the front of the pig. What is the name of that seal and where is the cheapest place to get it any ideas?

Thanks for your time, Matt
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I will check to make sure it is not over filled. It varies sometimes it dont drip any. I can just see it on the rear end. Then sometimes its a small puddle on the ground maybe the size of a half of a dollar bill.
Yes we do have the same truck.. I live in Lake Orion, MI near Pontaic. Yes I have the same leak. I'm gonna check I disnt really think about that honestly. And my fluid was kinda foamy.
Thanks. I do think we have the same leak.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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