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Rear hatch lock assembly

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Hey guys-
I recently replaced the lock barrel on the Ex's rear hatch because it was rusted solid. Went in today to put the small clip that fits onto the lock barrel w a c clip and snaps to the lock bar, and found that I have to get a different part anyway.

What I'm wondering is if someone has a pic of what that assembly looks like on the truck. Once I get the correctly clocked clip, the bar will clip on, but I can't see that it's attached to anything that would lock the door. It just slides through another assembly.
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Here's a picture I took a while ago

Hi detroitfd,

I am not sure if this picture is looking at exactly what you interested in...

This picture is looking at the latch mechanism and actuator from the drivers side of the works. The right side of the picture is toward the back of the truck.

IIRC, the rod running through the picture is entering the picture from the lock cylinder and it pushes/pulls the gold colored lever to lock and unlock the mechanism.

Hope this helps.

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I was hoping you were going to be able answer that question for me. My lock cylinder works fine, but the latch mechanism doesn't work properly anymore.

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