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Rear hatch lock assembly

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Hey guys-
I recently replaced the lock barrel on the Ex's rear hatch because it was rusted solid. Went in today to put the small clip that fits onto the lock barrel w a c clip and snaps to the lock bar, and found that I have to get a different part anyway.

What I'm wondering is if someone has a pic of what that assembly looks like on the truck. Once I get the correctly clocked clip, the bar will clip on, but I can't see that it's attached to anything that would lock the door. It just slides through another assembly.
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Or perhaps even better, a diagram from FoMoCo?
How does the rod from the lock cylinder attach to whatever causes it to lock or not? That rod on mine doesn't move anything, so it doesn't lock. I looked at length but couldn't see anyway to attach it to anything. It runs from the cylinder straight to a bronze plate. It passes through a grommet in that plate, but when I turn the key, the rod just slides in and out of the grommet, and doesn't move anything. Thanks!
LOL. Ya, my cylinder now moves back and forth, but the bar isn't engaging anything. Anyone have a schematic of the works back there?
Ok, I got in there today and lubed it up very well. The pin that most people report being frozen seems to work fine.

Does the outer handle lock in position when you lock the key/power lock, or does it stay moving but somehow not open the door?

I was looking everywhere to see what the lock cylinder rod changes to lock it, but no luck.

Also, what does the power actuator do? Mine seems to move a small nub w a yellow holding collar in and out when I lock/unlock, but it doesn't move much. Wondering if perhaps that needs to be functioning for the key lock to work too?

Help! I was hoping someone might have a schematic of all those parts, but no luck yet...
Anyone know where I can find a diagram of these parts? I can't see anything broken or not attached, and it still doesn't lock...
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