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Rear hatch lock assembly

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Hey guys-
I recently replaced the lock barrel on the Ex's rear hatch because it was rusted solid. Went in today to put the small clip that fits onto the lock barrel w a c clip and snaps to the lock bar, and found that I have to get a different part anyway.

What I'm wondering is if someone has a pic of what that assembly looks like on the truck. Once I get the correctly clocked clip, the bar will clip on, but I can't see that it's attached to anything that would lock the door. It just slides through another assembly.
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key will work without working actuator , the actuator does not m,ove much, that is just the way it is. Perhaps it is best to replace the whole lock mech. new/used you can try kroil/WD40/ZEP and soak but bend rods or sticking is problematic for most actuated lock mechanisms. your local Ford dealer should be able to help with diagram, usually when I'm in a pinch I ask nicely and they print out whatever I like.
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