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1999, f-350, 7.3powerstroke, manual

ok my main question is this... is there something that i should watch out for when putting a new rear main seal in this diesel?

so far i've pulled the tranny back 3 times in under a week here. first time i simply went through, cleaned up where the sealant was, and replaced the rear main ($17.99 at checker). the seal came in this metal casing and i didn't think anything of it. put it all back together and the leak was still there. -- ok round two, i talked to this dude who works on cats and he was telling me about some sleeve that seats back there... i saw no thing... so i pull the tranny back and examine what i had... dumbfounded. i called ford and they told me that there was no such thing as a metal sleeve for this engine. so then i cleaned everything yet again, went and got a new seal (this time from merles, also $17.99), pressed the seal into place with the metal housing, rather than just by hand, and put the tranny back on. and there's still a leak... but the leak is significantly less now (also, before you ask, yes i have been putting lost oil back into the engine... so that's not why the leak is gone. hah!) -- ok so today i got to talking with this fellow and he was talking about how the seals that merles and checker sell are crap... he's only heard bad things from them... so now i'm picking up a $50 sleeve at some shop and i'm just getting thoroughly angered at this point. so any suggestions would be helpful.

i searched "rear main seal" in the search function and just got a bunch of crap back... so yea.

ohh and i also dropped a new clutch in it after the second change... i would really like to not get any more oil on it. oye. money pit.

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Are you SURE it's the rear main seal and not oil coming from the valley? There's a drain hole that goes into the flywheel area.

Just asking.

The seals carried by the parts places are usually pretty much the same. Name brand seal in a parts place box. Should be OK. You have to be careful with how you seat them.

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It is rare for the rear crank seal to leak on these motors.... where I live, anyway. Yes there is a wear sleeve on the crank... yes, it takes a special tool to install. The Ford seal is supplied by Navistar and comes with the outer metal retainer as well as the sleeve for the crank.

Gray Ford silicon should be applied to the block (go careful here to avoid floodig the seal with squeeze-out) where the steel flange bolts to and LockTite 262 should be applied to the inside of the sleeve before installing it on the crank.
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