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Rear spring front bushings Question

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Hey Gals/Guys,

Want to change out the stock front spring hanger (eye on end of spring) rubber bushings on rear springs. Have velvets on the back end and was thinking I could just jack up (after removal of front eye bolt) until spring eye was below hanger. Pound out old rubber bushing and replace with what....? Stock Rubber or aftermarket poly any suggestions, part numbers etc would be great....anything I should be aware of before going at it??


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I would pull the springs off for several reasons. One, the center bolts may be getting ready to go. 2, the bushings are hard enough to do while off, and 3 you really need to do the rear bushings in the spring leaf since thay are the same age as the front. On the Poly vs rubber, hard to tell someone else. I have Poly front on 2 of mine right now. They are definitly easier to install. Many people have problems with squeeks. I don't and if you go with Poly I will share with you why I don't!
The key to a squeek free install is to remove the spring so you can get to it good and use a sanding drum on the die grinder or equivallent to remove all rust in the spring eye and the SIDES of the spring eye, as well the insides of the hangar where the bushing will touch. Then I used MUCH more silicone lube than provided in the bushing kit. I use Teflon Super Lube silicone grease with Teflon. Not cheap but I have never had a poly bushing squeek either.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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