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i am about to embark on a fresh rebuild for my 01 SD
i have just popped a head gasket for the 2nd time.
i got the truck with a blown headgasket, due to overheating.
for some reason it has popped again.
instead of digging into it, and finding the problem, im going to rebuild a 97 short block, and replace it when im done.

my plan is to rebuild the engine to make this thing last for a very long time.
not too worried about squeezing every last ft/lb the truck had enough power for me without a tuner.

i plan on buying some Carrillo forged H beams.
to get rid of my PMR's
i know this is not needed, but im a sucker for hotrod parts and forged H beam rods.
ceramic coated forged pistons,
and having the heads done with inconel valves.

enough with the back story, and on to my questions...

do these rods pose any clearance issues to the block?

the only ceramic coated pistons ive found ask for a
"milled top for valve clearance, .020-.080".
they are also " de-lipped pistons".
how do i go about finding out the clearance i will need?
is this for high cam profiles or decked heads for increased compression?
what does the de-lipping accomplish?

everything else about the engine im pretty confident in.
just a few things i need to grasp my cranium around before i start ordering parts.

i appreciate any insight you can help me with.

have a great day.

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I think that they put in the valve reliefs for bigger lift cams and higher RPM's. I am not sure on the de-lipped pistons but I think it has to do with keeping cracks starting there.

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talking with a friend today, and he advised me to go with the .080 off the piston.
the theory is that it wont effect compression that much, and better safe than sorry.
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