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Reduced Engine Power

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Just bought this truck a month ago. I get the reduced engine power message with the wrench. But the trucks power isnt reduced. I can still drive it with no issue. If I restart the truck, the message will not come back for a few days. Scanner says p00B7. Some people tell me its the thermostat and some say my dpf is clogged. Not sure what to believe. Looking for a second opinion before I go ahead and replace the thermostats myself. Truck is a job 2 08 with 100k miles on it, bone stock.
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does it do this right after start up or do you have to drive it for a while before the code returns?
nah.... swap thermostat pack and you'll be fine... there is an outside chance your water pump is tired, but most likely it's the thermostat packs.
you'll be stupified with the difference in the truck after that...

while you're doing all that, dump the gold coolant and go to CAT ELC EC-1 'red'.... you're oil cooler will appreciate that.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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