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I Was not able to find any thing on the nett about the TSB. The dealer friendly ford of Monroe mi gave me TSB and codes. Charged $100 to read codes $100 an hour for labor and $370 for the pump. 21/2 hours labor to do th job. Ask dealer bout goodwill that someone else posted on here they ne'er heard of it. Wondering if. Pump price was excessive?
They never heard of good will?? lol.. that's pretty much the dealer laughing at you.. Ford gives dealers money to do "good will" repairs for customers. Last I heard, dealers received it twice a year (frequency might have changed) and they can do what they want with it. I am assuming (yes.. assuming) that most dealers save it for their bigger more frequent customers rather then the regular joe who they only see for a warranty repair here and there. Pure speculation but it makes sense to me.

The price for the pump is inline with dealers retail. Depending on what level the dealer is (volume), Ford does charge them dealers different costs.

BC3Z-5J229-L DEF Pump Retail $370.07, 10% above cost $244.24
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