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I just bought my first diesel truck a couple weeks ago. It's a 96 f250 4x4 with the 7.3 motor. So far I like the truck, but I was having issues with the accelerator response. In short, the pedal had to be depressed a good bit before the IVS would click and signal that I no longer wanted to idle (atleast thats how I understand it). By the time the IVS clicked, I would get an abrupt surge in RPM's. Not a huge surge, but large enough to make it really difficult to creep around my property and still keep the truck in 1st gear.

So, I got some great info from other forum members on a way to sort of bypass the IVS. The way I did this was to remove the IVS from the pedal assembly and temporarily mount it under the dash. Its still plugged into the wiring harness, just relocated under the dash. Now I start the truck, click the switch 1 time, and i'm off. Its not really that much of an inconvenience to reach down and click the switch, and its sort of a theft deterrent in a clumsy sort of way I suppose :grin2:

The truck driveability has increased tremendously. I have way more throttle control, and the truck even seems to shift a little smoother now. However, I am concerned that this is too simple of a fix and i'm over looking some catastrophic failure that this is going to cause??? IS there any negative or potential risk to leaving it this way permanently? Thanks in advance guys!


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