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Remove exhaust manifold to remove head?

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My ford factory manual says to remove right exhaust manifold to pull the heads.
Is this necessary or can i just yank the heads out with a cherry picker with the exhaust manifolds attached?

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Did it a few months ago....I pulled the passenger side and left the driver side on and its worth the little extra to pull the manifold if your pulling the heads....Its much less moving metal to mess up whats left in the compartment when the heads are being pulled....Mind you I did mine without a chery picker or pulling the motor or hood....Turns out if your about 5'10" you can stand inside the motor compartment under the hood and lift the heads although I would not recomend it....yes I did have reasons as to why I didn't pull the hood.
Yea, I wouldn't do it that way again....although I don't plan on blowing headgaskets 6 days before school starts with just enough money for parts again...all the money I saved working in a steel foundry all summer. I thought about a cherry picker but couldn't get a free one soon enough and couldn't pay for one so I turned my 5'10" by 165lb body into one and it worked.....kind of...until they went back in and one still leaks slightly...but it hasn't hydro locked...nor has it be moved more than 50ft under its own power.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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