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Removing Radio/Accessing Aux Input on '05 ???

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Hey ya'll, It looks like Im going to go with a portable setup for SIRIUS radio for now. Couple of questions;

1. How do I remove the radio in an '05.
2. Is the AUX input in the back of the radio?
3. Does the plastic around the radio remove easy? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shrug.gif

I appreciate any help
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I have been investigating this issue (aux input on 05' 6 disc stock radio) for 6 months now. I have talked to P.I.E. and one other after market AUX input maker and both have said that they are working on AUX Input adapters but do not have a launch date as of yet. I did finally get to talk to a Ford accessories tech on monday and he was able to clear up all my confusion.

The extra connector on the back of the 05' 6-disk radio made by Pioneer is a future DVD input. As of right now there is no DVD unit made for this unit, again this was done for future use. The tech said that there is not even a cable connector available to plug into that spot.

I guess we have to hold tight and suffer FM broadcast for our XM untill P.I.E. comes out with an adapter.
If you look at the back of the stock unit there is an unused, rectagular female "receptacle" with about 16 male pins built into the unit. It look very much like the main harness hookup but just smaller. I thought the same as eveyone else, "I'll just go out and buy a wire harness and splice into it and viola' AUX in for my XM". No such luck because as stated before, no harness plug is being made yet. I would think that if one wanted to take the unit apart and solder right to the board that that might work (I have thought of doing that myself and have taken the stereo apart). Need to get my hands on a wiring diagram for the unit.

If anyone has a service manual and could look to see if it has call outs for the wire inputs for the port on the unit I would be happy to be the tester on whether or not this option would work.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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