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Removing the rear side panels on an Excursion

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How do I remove the big plastic covers that run down the sides of the cargo/third seat area of the interior.

Do they just pop out with clips, or are there a few screws to find?


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Please send PDF manual pages. Thanks.

I just did this, Its not bad there are a one or two push screws in the floor under the carpet.

If you send an email I can pdf the section from the manual

As I recall for doing the right side:
Remove rear side door sill plastic
Remove right rear Seat belt
Remove C pillar plastic
Remove plastic from under front of 3rd row seat.
Remove plastic from above rear glass hatch
Remove rear plastic sill above bumber
Remove D pillar plastic
You will have to remove the weather stripping as required.

Now you can remove the side plastic!

Not sure about the order of what is above just start with what ever is on top!

Reverse to reasemble takes about 1/3 the time to put it all back, just do it in the right order.

BTW the plastic covered end of the tire iron that came with the truck works well along with a standard trim removal tool.
Can you please send me the PDF manual on how to remove the rear side panels in 02 Ford Excursion? I need to replace the 3rd row speakers. Thanks. xtc1969ml at gmail dot com
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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