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Removing the rear side panels on an Excursion

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How do I remove the big plastic covers that run down the sides of the cargo/third seat area of the interior.

Do they just pop out with clips, or are there a few screws to find?


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This is an excerpt from the shop manual for removing the rear A/C system. Oddly, there is no specific procedure for simply removing the trim panel.
2002 F-Super Duty 250-550/Excursion Workshop Manual SECTION 412-03B: Auxiliary Climate Control REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION Procedure revision date: 09/07/2005 said:
2. Remove the third row seat.
3. Carefully pry out where indicated on the RH shoulder safety belt guide cover and open.
4. Remove the RH shoulder safety belt guide.
4a. Remove the nut.
4b. Remove the shoulder safety belt guide.
5. Remove the RH upper C-pillar trim panel.
6. Remove the floor finish panel.
7. Remove the RH rear door scuff plate.
8. Position the RH rear door weatherstrip away from the RH quarter trim panel.
9. Remove the upper liftgate opening trim panel.
10. Remove the liftgate scuff plate.
11. Remove the RH D-pillar trim panel.
12. Position the RH quarter trim panel aside.
13. Remove the vehicle jack.
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