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Repair or replace engine

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I've got a 2001 F250, 7.3 Powerstroke, with 300,000 + miles on it. Have had an oil leak for a number of years that has gotten a lot worse lately. Was preparing to take it in to have that looked at but on Monday, I looked under the hood and noticed there is diesel in the coolant reservoir. Through a little research, sounds like injector cups probably need to be replaced with small chance of heads being cracked. Injectors and glow plugs have never been replaced so thinking I should have them replaced also. The injectors have been sticky for a number of years. Also, thinking my oil leak may be rear main seal, but haven't verified.
My question is, should I replace cups, injectors and GP's for about $4500, replace all the above plus new heads for about $5500, or replace whole engine for about $12,000? Truck ran great, I would like to keep it.....I know nobody can make decision but myself, but would like to hear opinions from more experienced 7.3 drivers.
And I do understand the damage the diesel will do to hoses, etc....that will be taken care of also.
Appreciate any input. Thanks!
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Thinking more about it....trucks not even worth the $12,000 + that it would take to do new engine. Leaning more towards just having the cups, injectors and GP's replaced with the thought that the engine has never been chances of the heads being bad are pretty slim. Unless there are other common reasons they would crack, plus it would have had to crack in just the right place.
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