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Repair or Restore?

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2001 f250 7.3 4x4 lariat crewcab 130k miles. with everything new on it but engine. and 6inch lift im replacing now. Isssue is sudden loss of major power. lots of blow by. oil spiting out exhaust pipe. loud as **** seems to be working hard for nothing. Had a no start few days back but great ever since . will vibrate alot when on the peddle. not throwing any codes at all? Then 2 weeks ago a friend was doing a oil change for me after ilet him use the truck for half the day. he got drunk . overfilled the oil by 3 or 4 quarts .then drove it 30 miles to my house . then i went to jail that night . ill leave it at that.i was told its not a repair but restoration ? 30k restoration??? any advice please.
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You need to diagnose exactly what is going on with that engine. What are you are you defining as excessive in blow by?
If it were here, I would use a manometer oil the oil fill to check crankcase pressure. It should be less than 4 inches of water column. You could just flip your oil fill cap over. If it blows upward pretty good, yes, you have excessive blow-by. As to vibration, you said he was drunk. He might have gone full on yahoo, took it off road and did something to the driveline.
You need to isolate engine from driveline. Get it up to normal operating temp and take it slowly all of the way up through the RPM range in Park to see if you have vibration. If you do, excessive oil during the drive may have camebup through the breather, took the trip through turbo, intercooler, and into engine. If it got a good enough dose, a rod or two may have bent a bit. That would shorten the stroke a bit. This might be detected through cylinder comparison or measuring down to the piston through the glow plug hole.
Rods aren’t the end of the world. I don’t see ring blow-by being caused by an overfill.
Muffler may have a ton of oil pooled up in it and will smoke forever until it gets drained or burned of. This will cause an exhaust restriction which will effect performance in RPMs above about 1500 RPMs depending on how much is in there and they can hold an awful lot.
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Have not heard from that dude in awhile. Hope he didn’t go and get his bail revoked.
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